Denco Aerospace Inc.

Quality Control

Denco’s Quality Control manual has been prepared to outline and maintain the quality system established as an integral part of Denco Aerospace’s operations. This manual is a general guide to the quality program as it applies to purchasing, storage, inspection and distribution. This manual complies with AS9120 and is not to be considered as requirements imposed by any customer’s purchase order or contract.

Denco Aerospace will provide and maintain a management system, which will assure that all supplies and services submitted to the customer for acceptance, and conform to contract requirements. The scope of this system does not include quality system requirements for design control. Design control is not a function of Denco Aerospace, Inc.

Denco Aerospace performs the quality acceptance required to substantiate product conformance to drawings, specifications and contract requirements. In addition, Denco performs all inspection and test required by the contract. Denco Aerospace’s Quality Management System is documented and available for review by any interested party prior the implementation of the contract.

The customer, at its option, may furnish written notice of acceptance or refusal of the quality system. Denco Aerospace will notify the accediting organization of any changes to the current Quality Management System.

We have temporarily removed our Quality Control Manual. It will be replaced within 4 weeks with our new Quality Control Specifications. Return soon to get the new information.

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